tuesdays for tea – 09.03.31

tea_with_minttwinings_webI really need some new tea around here… And it has to be “caf” to keep my migraines away, until I have the whereabouts about me to actually delve into whatever’s creating said migraines. Until then, caf me up, baby!

I was reading the literary wonder that is “In Style” magazine last night, and I must say those actors are all just massive over-achievers. Not only do they work, they raise kids – adopted or otherwise, work for Unicef or some other dozens of charities, have any number of fascinating (of course) hobbies, find the time for multiple beaus and/or wedded blisses, find the time to work out 2 hrs a day, find the time and energy to wear something new and fresh every day, PLUS they are all bloody well reversing the aging process! They are defying time itself!

While it’s great to think that at 5o I can actually look 35 if I work real, real hard (and buy a lot of product…), right now I’m 35 (plus 2…) and feeling as though I look 50. And let me tell you, it’s not so great in reverse.

On the bright and cheery side, the RAIN has official kicked Vancouver off into Spring.
It’s a’pourin’. Tt and I will be collecting worms all this rainy week for my summer tomatoes and raspberries. We plan to “relocate” them into my future gardeny soil to muck about. Boo will undoubtedly jump in every single puddle he can find, every single time we leave the house. And I will definately forget to put rainboots on him. Every single time.

It’s gonna be a great week…
Hope yours is as well!
(oh, and no, that still isn’t my photo… one day it will be – really it will!)





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