From the Mouths of Babes – From 2 to 12 in 6 seconds

Dear sweet little Boo turned two.
And, apparently on the same day, a teenager.

I was calling him over to me, “Boo!”.
To which I received his newest word, “WHAT?!“…

He doesn’t say many words yet. It was as though some internal clock went off at the magic age of 2 and told him it’s time to grow up and talk human now.
I just stared at him, like he’d turned attitude-teen literally in the blink of an eye.

dsc_2165(This was some crazy kung fu move he kept doing – it looked hilarious with his diaper shirt hanging out! Way to try be cool, Boo!)

He also had two other new words on his birthday:
“Puppies” and “crackers”, and today he said “Amen” after prayer at dinner.

dsc_2185(This is his “praying” face… Looks oddly the same as his “constipated” face…)

And all was right with the world once again.





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3 Responses

  1. ha ha! That is a funny face. He’ll love seeing pictures of it when he’s older! 🙂

  2. OOOOhh, ya – that’ll be coming back to haunt him at his wedding ;-).

  3. Soooo Cuteeeeee !!!!!!!!!!

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