Happy #2, my sweet Boo!

My wee little Boo has now turned TWO!
He had a busy, busy day (and a half, in case anyone is so detail-oriented as to notice all the shirts) with his family bday dinner/party.

What with helping make his cake in the am…

Taking a quick nap with his big bro…

Opening an early present…

Getting birthday kisses from some visiting doggies…

Learning to say “tank jew”, or thank you, to everyone…

Open a few more presents…

Play with said presents…
Wha’? Cars?? No way – a 2yr old boy who loves CARS?!

Enduring (Japanese) dinner (with 22 family members) so he can get back to – you guessed it – more Cars.

Trying to sneak “licks” of his cake before we could get the candles lit…

Let Mommy blow out candles so he can get down to the real business…
(Good job on the cake, A!!)

Of eating all that icing…

So he can get back to them Cars!

Happy #2, my sweet Boo!
Glad you had a fun, fun day of it!



4 Responses

  1. Aww happy birthday little guy! My youngest will be 2 this year as well, in July. 🙂

  2. 2’s a fun age so far! Then again, so is 5… and 14… and 17… and 37…

  3. Happy Birthday! I loved seeing the all the cars. It brings back such good memories of when Padawan Learner was little.

  4. cars, cars, cars – but I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s as obsessed with Star Wars as his big bro!!

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