tuesdays for tea 09.03.24

Vanilla Earl Grey non-fat tea latte, coming up.

In the meantime, thanks sis once more for the great tea shots – I really will take some soon, promise. Well, I have to – I’m running out of the ones you gave me…

I’ve been complaining – too often – that I’m lacking in sleep because Boo wakes me up every night. Truth be told, it’s not entirely his fault… Boo does still wake up 1-3 times a night. But Tt still wakes up and wanders – asleep – into our room every other night. Sometimes I just stay up too late blogging. Hubby wakes me up twice with noise before he leaves for work and wakes me up for real. And “recovery” weekends are usually spend staying up SUPER late spending time with my girls. Then once in awhile Hubby and I stay up to watch a movie or actually spend SOME time together. All in all, it just equals not a lot of sleep all around.

So, new idea. Sleep for a week. Sure, I’d love time “to myself” at the end of the day, but for a week I’ll have to do without. Bed by 9:30 or 10:00pm. Naps when I can possibly get ’em (like yesterday! thanks, boys!!). Sleeping in on Saturdays. Showers every day! And no sweats. EV-ER. That’s just a slippery downhill slope to frumpyness.

Well, off to our day. Make breaky, pack a lunch to eat with gramma/grampa at “their” mall, music class, groceries and home. And that’s a light day! No wonder I’m so tired. Doesn’t homeschooling mean we’re supposed to be spending lots of time at home??

Enjoy your tuesday, and a cup of tea!


4 Responses

  1. I’m out of tea at the moment *shudder*. Seriously. I’m hankering for a cup of jasmine vanilla right now but my cupboard is empty.

    PS – I just noticed there’s a link over there for me (thank you, that’s so sweet!) but it has the wrong address. 😦

  2. Out of tea?!?!!?
    Yes – I actually tried clicking on your link this morning (I usually just type it in) and it didn’t work, so I have to fix that…
    TRY to have a good, albeit tea-less, tuesday!

  3. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  4. Well, Matt, thanks for stopping by, thanks for leaving a note, and thanks for returning !! ;-).

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