Mar 21 – the first day of HayFever!

Now I don’t actually have allergies – knock on trees – but everyone else in this grass hut seems to.
The sneezing that has blossomed around our house is nothing snort of , well, loud.

These are the culprits – those nasty little pollens.
Don’t they look evil?

If you read my chatter regularily, you’ll remember that a mere week or two ago I was complaining about more snow.
It lasted until lunchtime and was no more.

‘Tis the season for flowers now.
But also walks…

dsc_2267… and parks …

… they’ll just all have to take their hay fever meds first!
Let the blossoms begin!

Happy First Day of Spring!!


4 Responses

  1. Ahhhhh…yes, Spring has Sprung and so has all of our noses. I didn’t have any allergies until 36…I think it is contagious and I got it from KEN!!!!! Marriage is NOT about sharing everything!!!

  2. Ohdear! That’s just not nice, Ken! Keep your runny noses to yourself!!

  3. Hi there! Just saw your comment on my site and thought I’d pop on over to meet you! Those are two adorable kiddos you have there!

  4. Well, thanks!
    And, thanks! I sure think they’re adorable ;-).

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