Mar 21 – the first day of HayFever!

Now I don’t actually have allergies – knock on trees – but everyone else in this grass hut seems to.
The sneezing that has blossomed around our house is nothing snort of , well, loud.

These are the culprits – those nasty little pollens.
Don’t they look evil?

If you read my chatter regularily, you’ll remember that a mere week or two ago I was complaining about more snow.
It lasted until lunchtime and was no more.

‘Tis the season for flowers now.
But also walks…

dsc_2267… and parks …

… they’ll just all have to take their hay fever meds first!
Let the blossoms begin!

Happy First Day of Spring!!


The Diet – Spreadsheet version

I’ve been doing ongoing “healthy eating” research to come up with a diet plan for myself, and my family.
It’s all this “at home” time since I’ve stopped working as much – I can always find projects to be done.

Anywho, I developed this spreadsheet based on a few popular eating diets.
If you understand nutrition, it’ll be easy – enough – to follow. If not, just nod your head and smile.
A meal plan index is soon to come that should be FAR easier to relate to!

Do note, that as no one in my family is currently under any immediate health concerns, I don’t plan to follow ANY plan absolutely 100%. My personal hope is to follow strict – buy yummy – eating habits most of the time, and still enjoy a completely banned meal once in awhile. Who, really, could ever give up goat cheese? Or white wine? Ahhhh, food.

In general we keep our dinners mostly to a portioned size of meat and bowlfuls of veggies, which seems to follow every diet listed.
I rarely eat fruits anyhow, but when I do I now try to keep mostly to the “supers” – blueberries, cranberries, goji’s, things like that.
We’ve tossed all our white rice for wild brown and I LOVE it so much more.
I need to sort out still appropriate breaky’s + lunches, so that’s my next step.

Anyhow, for all/any interested, here is my research to date!
(Aaaaannd, if I were a little more tech-savy, I’d have a downloadable pdf. But I’m not. If anyone knows how I do this, feel free to let me know!).

foods-1foods-2foods-3foods-4If you’re a vegetarian, you’re on your own figuring out how to use this matrix ;-). I’m not familiar with meat-substitutes and don’t eat many a bean.

More to follow!





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