Fabulous Feeling Fishful Finking

PW said alliteration is a good ‘ole time, so thought I’d try it…

ANYwhoo, for the “non-bloggers” who read my wee little site here, have you heard of this great website?? (I know all you bloggers have seen it pasted all over already).
It’s put up by GOLDFISH  brand crackers (and who doesn’t love those!) and it’s actually called “Fishful Thinking“.  I was kiddin’ before. Not quite so funny-kidding as in ‘pure comedy’, more like funny-kidding as in ‘I’m so friggin tired I alone think I’m humorous’ kind of funny. I digress.


I haven’t gotten too far into the site yet, but my hope tonight is to sit and read the entire thing and take notes. Many, many notes. Hopefully I will learn to better guide Tt (and Boo) through frustration, personalizing things, and maintaining positive, optimistic attitudes. Here is a quote from their site on what they’re all about:

All parents want their kids to be happy and successful. Kids should have the chance to achieve whatever they want in life. Unfortunately, only 42% of kids believe that they will be able to achieve their goals.1 The Goldfish® brand cares about kids and wants to help inspire them to become the successes they were born to be. Through the Fishful ThinkingSM program, Goldfish provides parents with tools to help teach their kids how to navigate obstacles, overcome failure and achieve what they want.

Fishful ThinkingSM is a program designed to educate parents and teachers about the power of Optimism and its role in childhood development. The program, sponsored by the Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish brand, was developed by Dr. Karen Reivich, the co-director of the Penn Resiliency Project and a research associate in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania and also the mother of four.

Sounds great to me!
With any luck, I’ll learn a thing or two for myself as well ;-).

fishful-thinkingGo check them out!
That’s what I’ll be doing all eve.






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