tuesdays for tea 09.03.17

dsc_0394Himalayan Chai tea latte with vanilla syrup and coffee/cardamom sprinkles. Some days life’s just plain yummy. (Thanks sis CTam for the Chai AND for the photo once again!).

I’ve decided my brain is no longer working for me. It’s no longer working. Period. Gone somewhere to never-never-land with Hubbys eyesight, apparently. Aren’t we turning into quite the pair. Boo slept through the night only that 4 nights. The next night, and since, he’s woken up 3-5 times PER FRIGGIN NIGHT! He turns 2 in a week. He’s been waking me up since the day I got pregnant and immediately developed the urge to pee at 3am every morning. That’s 2.75 years of no sleep. And counting.

I used to be a highly organized, life-is-in-the-details, multi-tasking woman on high overload. Now even the adrenaline is giving out to pure disfunctioning blobby nothingness. A blogging blob. A blogblob! Ok, now I’m really losing it.

Anyhow, it’s Spring Break! We’ve been keeping busy and I’m late finishing my Top 10 list for this month. AHHhh, well. Stay tuned – it’ll be a yummy one! We’ve had friends, playdates, volleyball matches – and it’s only just Tues am. Today we get to mostly relax – our playdate cancelled due to flu. More often than not I love it when something is cancelled – it’s like getting a free bonus day ;-). Tomorrow family is in from outta town, we have a few more dinners, more playdates, MUCH more volleyball to watch, Boo’s family bday and probably more, but as previously mentioned, my brain is no longer at my service.

Ah, well. Could be worse. At least my camera’s still working.

Hope you’re all out there enjoying your Spring Break with family + friends!