NEW – H.schooling Creative Ideas!

Check out my new page under “H.Schoolin’ ” called “Creative Ideas!“.

I’ve listed, from my h.schoolin’ journal, all the creative ideas I’ve dreamt up or come across for keeping school at home FUN and EXCITING.


Doesn’t Boo look like he’s both excited AND having fun??

Here are the first 3 on the list:

  1. dress up day – dress up as your favorite, random characters. create and perform a play at the end of the day based on how each of your characters comes to meet one another.
  2. presentaton day – invite family/close friend to see what you’ve been up to! even if it’s a display of Lego creations ;-) . I like this one – we often get asked what we DO as homeschoolers.
  3. out of the house study day – who wouldn’t want a break from their dining room to study for a day at the beach with an end-of-day BBQ or at the park with a picnic?

Read on to see more or to add your own ideas!
I’ll update the page every time I come across anything NEW and/or EXCITING.
Because schooling at home should be anything but dull.