WHAT just happened??

WHAT just happened?
My eldest girl, B, just took – AND PASSED – her driver test. She can drive ON HER OWN now, as in without me! Or hubby! Like, to go wherever she wants.

Assuming we let her use the car ;-).

She finally got the info/date for her school “prom” (one of far too many grad events, if you ask me. seriously – it’s just high school!), and she INFORMED me that she WILL BE out until at least 3 or 4am. She told me. She didn’t ask, she just decided. For herself. What could I say but “Oh, ok. I’m sure it’ll be fun.”


What just happened to the last 10 years? Was she not this messy-haired snotty little 8-yr old just YESTERDAY? Didn’t we have until forever to have her home, have her need us in every way and have her live locked away in her bedroom until the handsome prince that I pre-approved came for her?? (And he’s not coming until she’s 30, right? RIGHT?!?).


(B shown in the middle)

I completely trust her, with the car, with Prom, with her own cell phone, with her own bedtimes, with her own friends, with all of it. It’s just that suddenly, with only 10 weeks left of high school, and apparently adolescence, she’s like seriously grown up!

We’ve had this rhythm with the 4 kids, our tight schedule, soccer games, volleyball tournaments, after school events, trips, dinners together, traditions, etc. And while it’ll be a bit of relief to have one less person to drive around all the time, I can’t help but get this completely irrational fear in wondering just how much things will change this year.

If she wasn’t staying in town for University – and if she hadn’t decided to live at home – I’d be beside myself. Whew. God is good. Not only did He work into her a great, great kid, but He’s letting me let go slowly.


(oops – looks like some of my photos are crooked! the things you notice in a photograph…)

And He’s allowing me the odd moment of sheer irrational panic.
Ok, done. Back to my day.