Lovin’ Vancouver! Our favorite places : Aquarium

Maybe it was Tt’s early obsession with sharks, maybe it was just a nice, relaxing atmosphere for Tt to learn to walk (IF you time it right outside of those danged school tours by the busload). We’ve driven across town to visit the Vancouver Aquarium at least twice a month for almost 5 years now.

We like to get the most out of our memberships.

We ALWAYS visit the big, bright, colorful fish tank first. It’s Boo’s new favorite. There’s a cubby I can shove both boys into while we watch fish watching us.


Next door is the sharks/turtle, which of course is a “must”. Oddly, even though Tt can name off 25 different species of shark (out of the 360 known to exist, btw… Ya, we read a lot about sharks), we still know very little about the blacktip reef shark…


(yes, many of these photos are crappy dark indoor kinda shots…)

We usually head in to see the bats (sorry, no photo could turn out in here), and Momma loves the warm “Tropics” with the bright red birds, the turtles, sometimes butterflies and fishes.

And the wee little monkeys.


Then to the caimen, my favorite bright green snake which has NEVER moved, and icky spiders.
And, on to the Kiddie Disco and Dress Up Lounge…



We’ve learned to time our visits to the rest of the Aquarium OPPOSITE to the shows to avoid all the crowds.


We saw the new Baby Beluga!
We always take our lunch down “under” the Beluga tanks. For some reason it’s far warmer than the Dolphin tanks, and has bigger windows.

Then we pay the frogs a visit. I love the tiny, tiny ones.


And, of course, we ALWAYS wander into the gift shops…


One day we’ll treat ourselves to an overnight in front of the Beluga tanks – what a way to go.
Assuming the boys are still ocean-crazy by the time I can save up.
Thirty isn’t too old for a sleepover, is it??

Visit Vancouver Aquarium soon – and often.