tuesdays for tea 09.03.10

dsc_0186Ahhhhh. Still a bit snowy outside, sitting with a lovely, big, fat tea latte inside. Does life get better?

Thanks again to sis CTam for the great tea pics for my tuesday “chats”… On my list of things to do this week should be to take some of my own danged pics. Maybe next week’s list.

My mission for this week, should I choose to accept it, is to clean up my laptop. Since I’m SOFAR behind in my scrapbooking, my harddrive hasn’t been cleared of old photos in quite some time. I have… 110 folders in “My Pictures” with exactly 13,842 photos in them. That’s gotta take up some space… And that’s only since August 2008!

I actually have spent some time updating ye olde scrapbook, so it’s time to clear it all out.

Boo has now officially slept through the night for FOUR consecutive nights! Whew! Could it be the end of 3am’s??? Dare to dream. Of course, “through the night” only lasts until 6:00am when he wakes up, but it’s better than 3am AND 6am. Besides, 6am is Hubby’s shift…

I’ve been drinking more water. More than none, at least! Have made dr checkups for the boys and I, have been reading the bible for the boys and for myself every day, and have been faithfully stretching out all my solidifying limbs and joints every day or two (in the shower!). Well on my way to health and happiness. Ahhhh. Does life get better?