Homeschool #015 – For the Record

Well, homeschooling is decidedly not for the unorganized.
Especially in Year One.
The sheer amount of information thrown at you about associations, groups, books, diets, naturopaths, child psychology – you name it, homeschool specific or not – is overwhelming.

Good thing I’m (generally) organized.

THIS is my “Year One” journal. It’s my info central.


Lists of websites I received at the beginning but never really looked at? Check.
(I meant to, truly I did!)


Every now-and-again journal with photos of some of our crafts, projects and fieldtrips? Check.


More photos of activities? Check.

Articles cut out of magazines for now or future reference? Check.


Notes and ideas from other moms, websites, blogs ETC? Check.

I’m realizing in the early years I’m doing WAY more homework than Tt! But I like to keep track, keep myself accountable to doing something no matter how small, and keep record for Boo homeschooling 3 yrs behind Tt.

Do all teachers have more assignments than the students??


6 Responses

  1. You are very committed to home school and I am sure extremely patient – your children will really benefit I am sure. Thank you for stopping by French Essence and your lovely comment. xv

  2. Committed – yes, patient – Nooooooo.
    But I’m sure the boys will benefit despite me! Lol.

  3. Um…yes to your last question about whether or not teachers have more work than the students. I work an hour before school, one to two after school, an hour or two at home on the weekends, occasionally 1/2 hour at home on weekdays. I get 50 min of prep a week during school hours for my classroom job. And then when report cards are due: add to those hours about 1.5 hours per student over two weeks. Outside of school time. Oh yeah, and keep on being innovative with your instruction during that time that you’re using all your energy for the report card writing. Do I love my job? YES! Is it tiring? Exhausting. It’s important to take care of myself.

  4. OH, yes. I keep forgetting my lovely teacher-friends who read (used to read?!) my ramblings!
    There are definately a few great, dedicated, interested teachers out there. Three cheers for them (you!)!
    I hope I can measure up…

  5. Wow. That amount of organization is nothing short of impressive. I couldn’t be that organized, even on pain of death. Well, maybe death…but certainly nothing less! I am such an in the moment person-as are the kids-that’s why we were pretty much born to unschool.

    I have started blogging every Monday about our unschooling experiences. You should stop by and lend me some words of wisdom!

  6. MrsM : Organized? Not so much. Scrapbook’y? Yep, that’s me. Plus, my memory is CRAP. If I don’t write something down, it’s lost forever. If I did something and never remember, did it happen?!

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