Homeschool #015 – For the Record

Well, homeschooling is decidedly not for the unorganized.
Especially in Year One.
The sheer amount of information thrown at you about associations, groups, books, diets, naturopaths, child psychology – you name it, homeschool specific or not – is overwhelming.

Good thing I’m (generally) organized.

THIS is my “Year One” journal. It’s my info central.


Lists of websites I received at the beginning but never really looked at? Check.
(I meant to, truly I did!)


Every now-and-again journal with photos of some of our crafts, projects and fieldtrips? Check.


More photos of activities? Check.

Articles cut out of magazines for now or future reference? Check.


Notes and ideas from other moms, websites, blogs ETC? Check.

I’m realizing in the early years I’m doing WAY more homework than Tt! But I like to keep track, keep myself accountable to doing something no matter how small, and keep record for Boo homeschooling 3 yrs behind Tt.

Do all teachers have more assignments than the students??