Easy Daisies

master-siedbar-155x31002A great new product!

An old friend, Elaine, has come up with a way to not only help kids develop good habits, but to help them develop self-discipline, routine and responsibility.

Easy Daisies does it!

Stop by her website today. Can you tell she was an elementary school teacher?? You can even order blank magnets to write your own activity in. Like “Nap for Mommy”, or “Tuba Lessons”. Maybe I could make my own teenager set – “Driving Lesson”, “Clean up your own friggin dishes” and such valuable helps ;-).

Ok, off to our crazy hectic day.
“Driver Test”, “Playgroup”, “Granville Island outing”, “Swimming Lesson”, “Wendys for dinner” and, finally “Home at last, now get ready for bed!”. Wish me luck.


the Poetry of Life – #002

stinkyOnce there was this super guy
I’m sure that he could even fly
A super hero – one of a kind
No stronger man you could find
“Stinky Diaper Pants” was his name
And of his smell he felt no shame
I didn’t think she’d mind, my mother
If that’s what I called my baby brother

copyright 2009 AKent