tuesdays for tea 09.03.03

drink-teaToday I’m drinking the same thing as last tuesday… On the one hand I really could shake it up a bit – go for a vanilla black tea or something. On the other, this week I’m furthering my focus on simplifying.

I’ve been on a “simplify my life” kick for several months now, and fortunately the girls have really helped by quitting a few of their activities (without my prompting – God just knew what needed to happen) to loosen up our schedule. I’ve tried my absolute best to get on a kind of schedule with the boys, with some “at home” time every day.

I’ve also been simplifying my diet this past year. Well, this past 5 years now, but more so this past year. I’ve finally come up with a chart of 3 or 4 popular diets and good/not good foods. Since most of them get crossed out on one diet or another, eating will be simple! JUuuust kidding. I’ll get some menus worked out with that soon. I’m also working at adding simple things back into my life, like drinking a glass of water every am/pm and spending extra time in the shower to do some stretches to loosen my muscles. And, back to yoga I shall go.

Next up is an annual (meaning every 5 years annual…) physical, a detox weekend, appointments with a naturopath, dentist (mouth guard for grinding before I have no teeth left), reflexologist and acupuncturist to try to “heal” this overwhelming fatigued, muscle tensioned, migraine-prone body of mine.

Hopefully it’ll all come together like a little (albeit painful) body reset button!
Add in renewed time with God, Boo sleeping through the night (soon, please, Boo!!) and a shopping spree to top it all off, and people won’t even recognize me!

Ok – finished my am migraine-avoiding black tea latte. Off to get my glass of water.


4 Responses

  1. It is good to spend time with the boys there should always be a time of devotion to Jesus, hope you have a fun time -God bless you-

  2. Yes, it’s that balance of everything that will hopefully equal a more relaxing, simpler life. *sigh*. Must pray first and foremost for more sleep!

  3. wow – that’s quite the list of things to do! Hope the tea helps you feel good!

  4. Haha – I start with these long lists, then accomplish about a third of them…

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