Lazy Moms Unite

New site to check out : TIPS for being a lazy mom! “How to get more done so you can have more fun!” is their logo and it sounds good to me! I’m totally, utterly, completely lazy at heart and love lazymoms for validating my lazy-butt attitude ;-).

Here are my two “lazy tips” I’ve submitted so far:

1. I keep a small bucket for wandering toy pieces I find on the floor. Instead of walking ALL the way to put them away each time I find (step on) one, I put it in the “lost pieces” bucket.

Then one day when I’m feeling especially perky, I take the “lost pieces” bucket to the boys room and put each thing where it belongs.

p.s. WHILE a “lost piece” is in the bucket, it’s MINE. The boys temporarily lose use of it for not putting it away themselves. I put them all back in their boxes every month. Or so. Maybe.


2. I keep a sturdy tupperware in the car for boys toys, books, those danged McD’s toys that seem to multiply like rabbits, whatever. Not only does it help clean up the clutter, it doubles as a footstool for those raised carseats! (Needs to be sturdy for kid to be standing on to get kids own butt into his own carseat).

I’m going to get a second (for second boys feet) just for diapers/snacks/juice boxes so I have one less bag to pack out of the house each am.


The pursuit of laziness. Ahhhhh.



2 Responses

  1. Ahhh, I love laziness!

    We keep a shoe basket in the corner and the kids toss their shoes in there every day rather than take them upstairs to their bedrooms. It works great at keeping the shoes contained!

  2. Another good one!
    Who has the time to do everything the “long” way??

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