Apparently not.

There are 3 girls in this house and 3 boys.
When I say something to the girls, such as “let’s do this”, or “did I tell you about this”, WHAT-ev-ah, they hear what I said, they comment back, we chat, we remember what was discussed. In short, we COMMUNICATE. Together.

When I say something to a boy in this house, whether to a 5 or a 50 year old boy, this is how it goes:

Momma: “This box is for all the Cars toys. I made a label for the front, so it’ll be here, labelled, and the Cars toys go in it. All of them.”

Boy of any kind: stares blankly.

Momma: stands closer, talks slower. “This box here – do you see it? <note physical action required>. I want to keep all the CARS <note added emphasis> toys in this box so that I can find them quickly and grab one or two when we go out and I need to bring something for Boo <note full explanation to make the purpose of the box relatible>. These are the CARS movie toys, not just any cars, right? <note clarification>. I made a LABEL here so that everyone knows where they go. They need to go in this box <note repetition>.”

Boy: “Oh, ya, sure.”

Momma: hesitates. “The CARS toys, in this CARS box, right? Other toys go in the other box. This one is just for CARS, right?”

Boy: “Yep. Cars.”
3 days later…
Momma: in a rush to get the diaper bag packed for dinner out, tries to grab a few Cars for Boo AND CAN”T FRIGGIN FIND THEM BECAUSE THEY”RE NOT IN THEIR FRIGGIN CARS BOX. sighs. GLARES at nearest boy, regardless of individual fault. “THESE cars are not Cars toys <pointing at Cars box>. NOW I have to dig around for them. CAN YOU PLEASE, in the future, put the Cars toys in the Cars box so that I can find them quickly when I need to?”

Boy: “I don’t know how that happened, but it wasn’t me.”

Momma: “Well, this is the third time now I’ve asked. It would really help me out if they were put away properly so I can find them when I’m in a hurry and getting 6 bags ready.”

Boy: “Oh, ya. Sure.”

Momma: rolls eyes. finds a FRIGGIN Car. leaves (now late) (and now stressed out) for dinner. orders liquor as soon as she arrives to calm her nerves.
3 days later…

Momma: trying to play Cars with Boo, is TRYING to find the Cars toys in order to play with them. mutters many a foul word to the not-present Hubby, because let’s face it, we all know it wasn’t Tt putting toys away – especially ones that aren’t even his. finds all kinds of Cars toys in all kinds of random toy boxes. finds all kinds of random toys in the Cars box. rearranges all the toys for the BILLIONTH time. mutters more about how no one listens. realizes she’s now talking to herself. in the third person. not good.


Am I Making Myself CLEAR???
Apparently not.
I need to have more girls.


5 Responses

  1. I SO hear you … with my 40something boy

  2. You poor thing! Maybe they’ll grow out of it? 🙂

  3. Not much hope for Hubby to ‘grow out of it’, right Patti? Lol.
    I just suck it up and go shopping. With his Visa. Makes it allllll go away. ;-).

  4. OH I SO know what you mean and I feel your pain………………with 3 boys aged 3 to 42….
    it’s not just cars, it’s shoes, and jackets, and books, and newspapers and coins and wallets and keys and plastic shopping bags………..

  5. *sigh*.
    I’ve decided it just means that we need more “out of the house girl time”, my friend!

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