tuesdays for tea 09.02.24


I’ve decided Tuesday am’s are a good time to sit and reflect on… well, anything, over a cup of tea.
Coincidentally, it will also be a good time for the boys to sit and enjoy a morning movie of their choice.
I love win-win’s.

Ahhh, tea, a laptop and some P+Q (peace + quiet).
This morning I’m thinking over a cup of earl grey topped with 1/4c of steamed (skim) milk and 2 squirts of vanilla. MMmmmm.

And I’m thinking I’m still too friggin’ tired to have thoughts.

I’m thinking I need a “Boo’s gotta be sleeping through the night by this time” countdown. With a marvelous spa trip to celebrate sanity after 2.75 yrs (and counting) of sleepless nights and cranky days. Of course, every 3 months we think the end of waking up at 3am is almost over… We’re suckers.

I’m thinking I enjoy writing AND being creative, and can’t wait to set up my new (more design-flexible) blog on my new domain. I’d tell you all what it is, but it might take me an entire year to get it going and I’d hate to lead you on.

I’m also thinking it’s high time I committed to looking decent (regardless of dark circles and massive bags under my eyes from aformentioned sleeplessness) and started coloring/trimming my hair.

More (comprehendible) thoughts next Tuesday.
(Photo above from http://www.sxc.hu.)


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