Happy 100 to me!



Me, sitting at the end of the day, boys asleep, grabbing my laptop and sitting down in my jammies on my super-crazy-comfy RH couch.

Daughter A comes in, “Are you blogging again?”.

“Yep. Grab a piece of couch and stick in the last disc of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (when is he EVER going to meet the mother!?!?). We’re gonna be up awhile.”

We sit, and she watches over my shoulder as I type, add photos, type, add photos, read blogs, type. Add a cup of tea, and we’re talking bliss.


AND have a look – I’m about to be “published”!
Check out <urbanmoms.ca> in the next while under “Our Members Say” and leave me some fantastic comments to make me look awesome ;-).
(I’ll add in a reminder when it actually appears).



100th post, right here, baby!

And I’m not even out of things to write (yet).
It’s a fun hobby, which so far hasn’t cost a dime. But, I am still a spender at heart – I’m sure I’ll find ways to spend something somewhere.

Thanks to all my faithful readers (ya, that includes you, J+K!), friends and fellow bloggers (it’s been fun getting to know some of you).
I already have a list of about 80 more posts to come – hope I don’t run out of steam before the 200th!
Any ideas out there to add to my pile?



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