Oscar Picks

I’m always excited to sit and watch the Oscars!
Partly because it’s a night where we can beg a spot in front of someone-else-with-cable’s TV, and partly because I just love to see what everyone’s wearing!

For the record, I’m posting my picks. We’ll see how many “come to be” by the end of the weekend. Not that it really matters, because I haven’t even seen any of the movies. I pick them kind of like how I pick hockey teams for the hockey pools – by the colors of their jerseys. Call me shallow.

visitor_jenkinsrLEAD ACTOR : RICHARD JENKINS. He just looks sweet and old, like he’s worked really hard and long for this opportunity. I like an “underdog”.

darkknight_ledgerhSUPPORTING ACTOR : HEATH LEDGER. I only pick him because it’s the only movie on the list I saw. And he did a dang good job of scaring the bajeebies out of me, so why not.

reader_winsletkLEAD ACTRESS : KATE WINSLET. Love her. And, she’s been nominated how many times? It’s just time to win. But then I’ve though Leo’s deserved to win about 10 times already, so what do I know. I love Anne as well, but she can get ’em next time. I’m sure they’ll both be back on the list again, so they can just take turns winning, right?

doubt_adamsaSUPPORTING ACTRESS : AMY ADAMS. She’s just so adorable. I bet grandmothers all over the globe want to walk up and pinch those cheeks.

kungfupandaANIMATED FILM : KUNG FU PANDA. Po kung-fu’d the crap out of Wall-E, cute as he was. Kung Fu Panda was infinately more entertaining than Wall-E, cute as he was. He was really cute. But that Jack Black – he just makes me laugh.

duchessART DIRECTION : DUCHESS. I don’t really know what all “Art Direction” entails, but Duchess looks like it was real fancy, and probably the most difficult to artfully direct. Ya.

darkknightCINEMATOGRAPHY : DARK KNIGHT. It’s just high time more action flicks won big awards. A movie shouldn’t have to be painfully slow and dramatic to win. ‘Nuff said.

revolutionaryroadCOSTUME DESIGN : REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Any movie starring Leo should win lots of awards to make up for all the awards he should have won by now.

slumdogmillionaireDIRECTING : SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Again, I love an underdog. A big, huge, successful underdog.

encountersattheendoftheworldDOCUMENTARY FEATURE : ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD. What a cool title! Must be a cool flick. Might even rent it, just based on this tiny jpg alone.

Ok, I’m going to skip ahead a bit here… It’s getting to be my bedtime.

slumdogmillionaire1BEST PICTURE : SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. I may just have to rent this one. It’s on the list an awful lot.

lamaisonenpetitscubesANIMATED SHORT : LA MAISON EN PETITES CUBES. It’s French! I love it already.


Ok, clearly I’m not really paying attention anymore.
We’ll see Sunday if any of my well thought out picks win!
And maybe next year I’ll try to actually see some of the movies first…
(Thanks to http://www.oscar.com for the miniature jpgs!).

Enjoy the Oscars!
Monday I’ll post my “Top 5 Favorite Outfits Worn to the Oscars”.



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