Empty Nester, Phase 1.2

WOOHOO! I won’t be abandoned quite yet!

I just might survive Kid #1 “leaving the nest” afterall. She’s staying in town!
Our eldest, B, has been diligently applying to universities for September, and much to my personal, selfish, mothering relief, they’re all in town.


Oh, I know she could have – and probably should have – left town for a year or two to “get out on her own”. I even encouraged it. But that’s because I thought (and still think) it’s best for her, in her own life and situation, not because it’s at all what I wanted.


I know our family dynamics will still be changed forever once Graduation comes. But I can rest awhile also knowing she’ll remain nearby until I can learn to deal with the changes. Kids growing up can be stressful, man.


But she’s sure grown into a beautiful person.
Must get it from her Mom, along w/ her reddish hair ;-).



2 Responses

  1. You’re not alone on the topic of your children leaving you one day for school. I have thought about this for a while even though my kids have a few more years to go. I don’t think I can ever let go. I know I have talked with my children about this and I know one of them might leave my side earlier than I would like.

  2. Yep – it gets far too close, far too soon. *Sigh*.
    Weren’t they all just 6 and 8 yrs old, like, yesterday??
    At least when they’ve moved on, we adults can finally get out a bit more ;-).

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