Homeschool #011 – Playgroups!

I’m very glad we joined our local Homeschool playgroup! The kids basically run nutso in a big room with lots of big toys. It’s great.


We’ve tried implementing crafts, sit down, do this instructional kind of stuff, but at the end of the day all these younger kiddies really want to do is jump, run and play.

dscn4069(screams “disaster”, doesn’t it? I think about 60 seconds later they all learned a lesson in gravity…)

So, we let them. It’s like a weeks’ worth of recess and lunchours all rolled into one 4hr chunk per week. Besides, they’re told to sit still enough at home.

dscn4681(a castle-obstacle course-warzone-bouncy spot all rolled into one)

The Moms get to sit and chat and share ideas and thoughts (or nap quietly in the corner…). Bliss. Plus we’re there to continually butt in and teach the kids how to get along, play together, talk to each other and all those social skills people think they learn on the (barely supervised) schoolgrounds (most don’t).

dsc_7402(I’m guessing this was the week Tt brought Star Wars guys for show’n’tell)

Sometimes they really surprise us by starting a mini-theatre, or building a giant castle. One kid starts an idea, and it just grows from there between the group. How educational is that? I totally believe now what I’ve read about how much kids can learn from play.


And we just about always end with an hour at the nearby park so if any one of these kids has any wigglies left, they can get ’em out here!


Playgroups. Ahhhh FUN.
They really should have ’em for adults too.


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