Revisiting Your Home

Not taking on so much work doesn’t mean I stop thinking about work. I do love my (non-Mom) work – designing houses. I really enjoy creating Homes for people, places where they raise families, hold parties, rest, grow, seclude, entertain.

Combining passions is just plain prudent. Good old common sense for time + efficiency. So, now, my long-time passion for building new and renovating older homes can be combined with my new passion (for now) for blogging! And all those web surfers out there searching for hot tips for their homes can benefit from my ramblings.


While not many people can afford to build new in these uncertain times, the timing is good for updating, renovating and reviving with lowering construction costs, so this series will focus on smaller parts throughout the home.

Coming soon (not necessarily in this order) : Let there be Light!, Kitchens, Indoor/Outdoor, Open Spaces, Natural Finishes… and more. I hope.

Any other suggestions? Gotta put all that Architecture school to good use somehow ;-).




2 Responses

  1. I love that house – is it yours? It’s beautiful!

  2. I WISH! No, it’s a clients house – one I designed (massive reno). Glad you like it! This was almost-finished – it’s completed now.
    I’ve got to get online now and read your site!

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