Homeschool #009 – Jammies Days!

Granted, we’re only in “K/pre-K” and not quite as “busy” as many older h.schooled kids, but we’re sure enjoying one of our traditions from as far back as… 6 months ago! Jammie Mondays.

Mondays have become JAMMIES DAY and we love it! What better way to end a weekend and start a week than relaxing…


reading lots of books…


enjoy a nice, relaxing latte…


playing a video game or two…


(Ok, so Momma was playing SW Lego while the boys battled and played… I just HAD to finish those last few levels!!!)

doing a craft…


(In case anyone’s wondering… that’s Tt’s gum. Painted. Oddly enough, that isn’t the first time chewed gum has been used in a craft ’round here.)

or two…


having peaceful naps that AREN”T in a carseat…


having an imaginary war or car race…


or teaming up against some imaginary “bad guy” stuffies…


Ahhhh, Jammies.

Momma even got a few things done (in her jammies!) – I completely reorganized the boys books and craft/drawing supplies…


and my homeschool shelf!


(We won’t get into the lack of 2008 scrapbooks sitting nearby. I’m totally behind for the first time EVER! It stresses me out to see this shelf.)

Jammie days are EXHAUSTING. 


4 Responses

  1. You have a beautiful home!

  2. Love all your pictures. Handsome boys. I got your link from PW. Feel free to check out our blog too. I use to homeschool my triplets, but they are back in school this year… sigh, I MISS those jammy days – we had them too.


  3. LOL – I’d found your site earlier on PW too!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks – but I’m surprised you could ever see it through our mess and crap everywhere… !

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