Happy LEGO, Tt!

For Tt’s big FIFTH birthday we did a theme close to his heart – a LEGO party!

I keep thinking that we should venture out for one of his birthdays like to a swimming pool, or a skating rink or something, but I – we – just like being home. And since MY favorite part of any birthday party is hanging out for lattes with the moms and dads in the kitchen while the kids just go nuts, this year I hired my daughter A + one of her friends to “DO” the party bits so I could (kinda) RELAX and ENJOY!!


(Like our juice boxes?)

What a marvelous idea. Why didn’t I think of this 4 years ago?!


(the girls decorated the bread-pan cakes and cupcakes with icing then edible spray paint and a glitter icing pen – who knew such a things existed…)

They made thank you cards, did the party bags, made the cakes, played the games – you name it! (For a fee, of course – a kids gotta buy new tops for school, ya know).


Best money I ever spent on a party. I’m definately doing the same thing for Boo’s upcoming #2.
Good job, girls!

dsc_9581(The goodie bags with a “Lego” thank you note, Lego candies and a mini-Lego kit inside)


(They had this draw and planned a bunch of games for the kiddies in the bsmt)


HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY, my sweet, sweet boy!