I miss GIRLS…

I miss my girls.

I need a break from being jumped on, complained to, talked at, bossed around, COMPLETELY NOT LISTENED TO, pulled at, yanked on, cried to, demanded from, hit in the head with swords and generally just life-sucked from the 3 boys that live here! Far too much testosterone some days.

dscn3052(WHY must one – or both – of them always be sitting on me?!)

With the girls… Ahhhh. So civilized. I can sit. And relax. And my nails get re-painted. And I get caught up on the lastest from Gossip Girl, or In Style. And I am talked TO. And – ohmygosh – HEARD (or so they lead me to believe, which is good enough for me).


I need me some girl-time, before the pony tail gets completely ripped from my head. (WHY must boys pull girls hair???) (and don’t say it’s because they like me…).

Is it Friday yet??