My two boys sure love their sleep. Both of them by age 2 would come and grab our hand when they wanted to head for bed. Although Boo doesn’t often STAY alseep for long… *sigh*. And neither seem to be able to stay awake in a moving vehicle.


Especially if food, fresh air and/or exercise was just previously involved.


I literally have dozens of photos of the monkey + the pig sleeping away in the car. And they can sleep there for up to 2 hours! I actually have to plan a 2-hr nap into any afternoon outings, or bring the mini DVD’s to keep them awake.


Awww – just look at those two peaceful faces!
My neck hurts just looking at them here. But no wonder they’re so good on road trips.


Seriously – how hard is it to make a kids seat that reclines??

You’d think by now I’d have my van stocked with things I could be getting done for an hour or two… or at the very least a spare pillow so I can join them.