Never too old to ROCK!!

Hubby and I proved to ourselves this weekend that we’re not (yet) too old to get our groove on. NO, not what you’re thinking…

We attended a grunge “goth” rock band in a seedy club in a scungy area of town at 11 o’clock at night, 2 hrs past Hubby’s bedtime. We didn’t know “goth” was even a type of music, but we were “with the band”, so we were just cool by association. My youngest cousin “J” is a lead guitarist on bass for MACULA (hear them here), a local band with a growing following, and it was their FIRST Cd release gig! Regardless of the music, the club, the area, we just had to be there to cheer him on. Besides, how often do we get to party here in our “later years”?!


J had given us many a disclaimer prior to attending that it miiiiight be kinda loud, that there miiiiiight be the odd foul language used, and that it miiiiiight be a tad bit crowded. We were expecting the worst, but I’d grabbed Hubby and my girlfriend L and we decided we were game to make a night out of it. Together. For safety reasons.


It certainly perked us up when we were ID’d at the door (“Well, it’s been mandatory to ID everyone since February, you know”, says the beefy bouncer. YA, dude, as if we’ve been in a club in the past 15 years to never! NO, we weren’t up on the new rules – but we WERE still flattered to be ID’d and kept giggling. Bouncer clearly could tell we didn’t belong, but we were “with the band”, and were still assuming we were just cool by association). We were seriously giddy when we next got frisked for weapons! (Get out much?).

dscn4854(Me and L, with J’s dad)

We found friends and family at what we called our “old fart table”  off to the side and hollered some hellos over the “music”. We waited a set through Rishloo, which was either 5 or 6 songs of bang-your-head-on-the-wall screaming and jumping, or 40 minutes solid of bang-your-head-on-the-wall screaming and jumping, we couldn’t really tell. But I was already having fun waiting for the loudest bangiest songs possible then calling each of my 2 daughters cell phones to let them listen to how cool I was to be at such a loud concert. I’m not sure they bought the “Mom’s cool” part, but at least they felt included.

(can’t guarantee this vid works, has sound, or is anything but static. I’m sure it serves no justice to the band – click on their link above if you really want to hear!)

It was impressive to see J do these cool riffs (is that a word?!) and taunt the crowd, especially with his Mommy + Daddy standing almost-on-stage at the sides taking photo after photo. How does a grunge bass guitarist really get rockin’ with parents standing nearby? But even after playing to the goth rock crowd, he was still cool enough to give his Mom a hug in the audience after their set. AWWwwww!

dscn4868(Proud Mom + Dad taking photos of J!)

For one of us it was a relive of a past happily left behind, for the other two it was a realization that nothing much was missed. But, for all of us it was a fun night out. Good job, J!


dscn4871(Awww – ain’t we sweet? This was taken around 12:30am… Hubby is usually in bed by 9:30pm… The things he’ll do to get a night out together ;-).)