Peace and Quiet…

It’s 9:30pm and the house is quiet. It’s a rare moment when B/A aren’t home, Tt/Boo have been in bed long enough for me to have forgotten what NOISE sounds like, and hubby crashed early. AND, I’ve put my laptop at least 6′ away from myself (yes, that’s FAR!) while I sit instead with my Bible, notebook and pen.


Oh, I did get up out of my crazy-cuddly blanket for a few seconds to grab my camera. Must commemorate the solitude. (SEE how far away my emails are sitting??? I wonder if anyone is online… or has emailed… it’s an illness.)


Does it count as a “blog” if it was pre-written by hand far (FAR!) from the technology necessary to make it a “blog”? If a blog is written in a notebook and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound? Ok, perhaps it’s bedtime after all…


The house is just so peaceful. To sleep would be such a waste! (It was actually really dark – maybe this is a good camera after all!).


Even Sushi is enjoying the quiet.