10 things I LOVE – 09.01

1. New Years “things we reflect on” list. Every New Years Eve Hubby and I write a list of things that happened – good, bad + ugly – throughout the just-passed year. It’s always a full, full list.

2. New Years dinners. I can’t believe I missed it this year! I always make my fanciest meal of the year on NYE, but this year, alas, I was too ill. Hubby jumped in and made roast beef and about 5 different starches for our guests. That’s so Hubby.

3. Cafe de Paris. I LOVE this restaurant! We go probably only once a year, but it’s always worth it. Cafe de Paris – Denman St.


4. SNOW!? I DO still love snow, but rained-on snow is beginning to be a different story…


5. T’s smile… I just can’t get enough of it. He’s becoming such a young man! (Guess I could have combed his hair that day… it WAS Christmas, after all!) (see blog).


6. Mini DVD players – ours has come in handy SO many times. YET, it’s not actually ATTACHED to our vehicle, so I’m not stuck saying “No, you can’t watch a cartoon every time we’re in the car, you must actually talk with your Mother once in awhile”.

7. Boxing Day shopping. It still beats out Black Friday for me. Maybe just because it’s so close to home. This year all I found was this one shirt, which wasn’t even on much of a sale…


8. Starting a fresh daytimer. ALTHOUGH, that said, I do have a 16-month daytimer this time, and it started last September, so I’m still on it. I LOVE this one – my moleskine. LOVE it. Bought it last summer at Chapters.


9. Reading about Paris. So far I’ve only gotten as far as the Eyewitness Guide, but I even love those. I’ve started re-reading mine in prep for Paris 2011. Ahhh, Paris. I’ve updated my Page – check it out.


10. Nail buffing. It’s been around for-ev-er, I’m sure, but I used to try to clear polish and my nails would ALWAYS split. The last month or two A and I have been “buffing” and not only does the shine last for weeks, it doesn’t require nasty nail polish remover! Ahhh, my nails are lookin’ FINE.

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