The Diet – update

Why? Because it’s not like we’ve made any headway in the battle for middle bulge…

To let everyone know about a “new” website I’ve found. Great for people who cook and want to watch their intake of various things. Nutrition Data (at let’s me look up existing foods (including popular takeouts, but really, we shouldn’t be eating takeout so often we need to include it in our calculations…) as well as input my own foods.


Then what I’ve found is that I can see what the meal I’ve made it too high in and try to modify my recipe. I’ve already re-written Homemade Chili to replace 2 canned items with fresh for a sodium intake that’s less than 150% of daily recommended. In one meal.

I use the “own food” button to input something from our supermarket when the numbers don’t quite match up with the website’s numbers. For example, the website shows ground beef at a much higher fat content than what’s on my package, so I use the information on my package of beef.  Next time I’m at the market, I’ll compare with ground turkey to see if there’s enough of a difference to switch.

Anyhow, I’ve started using this website for all the recipes I cook often – and their side dishes – to get complete meal information. In a spiral folder I’ve started modifying each recipe to lower fat, salt, cholesterol – whatever looked too high.  Next I’m going to see if they have all the numbers for my favorite sushi dishes…

And there you have it! Is the battle to get my middle back going to be won a little easier now? We’ll have to wait and see…

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