Finances 2009

I have a new financial challenge for 2009.

The last 6 months of 2008 were spent (lol) trying to find ways to cut down on our (meaning MY) needless spending. However, debt still remains because, well, we took a giant trip to Italy last summer for one. And for two, since cutting the cost of having a 2-afternoon-per-week nanny I’ve been completely unable to work.

Looking ahead at 2009, I want to know that we can still do SOME travelling. So Hubby has challenged me to “save up” for my personal list of desired holidays out of my daily budget.

I have a daily budget of $100 for groceries, gas, activities, books, lattes for the 6 of us… Believe me, I’ve been doing the math. I think we can survive on canned beans and salmon for the next 6 months. Maybe I’ll even lose those last 8lbs around my middle!


This is Manteo Resort – our favorite stay in Kelowna. Generally we end up in Kelowna 2-4 times per year, mostly in spring when the girls play volleyball. While we COULD stay at the cheap team hotels, this resort is actually reasonable off-season if we go early enough. The other one we like is Grand Okanagan, but mostly I just like it because it’s downtown and there’s a great Mexican place downstairs. When/if we go in the summer, Manteo has a boat rental shop right there for our wakeboarding/waterskiing thrills.


Another tournament is in Bellevue, 20 mins east of Seattle, and it should come again this season. Twice I’ve been out to Alki Beach near Seattle for a lovely walk, so this year if we hit the May tournament this will be one of my destinations. Also because I’ve already bought all the kitchen gadgets I can manage at Sur la Place downtown Seattle.


In April Hubby plans to take an ENTIRE WEEK OFF to hang with me + the boys, so I thought it’d be a great chance for another ROAD TRIP. I’ve mapped it all out – I think we can hit San Fran to visit my bro + sis-in-law, Disneyland, a day “off”, Legoland, Sea World and head on home in 10 days. Whew! Ya, not much of a “holiday”, but it’d be nice to do something for the boys, and I DO like to drive…

0-maui_masterHubby has a “big” birthday coming this summer which I won’t mention TOO many times because he says it’s starting to depress him. BUT, what can cure the blues like a vacation in Maui?? HOPEFULLY there is enough money left/saved to book 5-7 days in Maui. And maybe even to hit a tacky touristy LUAU to sing in his new decade.

Well, that all would get us to the end of August 2009 (plus remembering to save for GRAD stuff/gifts/etc and Hubby’s actualy PARTY). I doubt as though there would be ANY money saved or left for one last trip, but it would be nice to spend 3-4 days or so in Vegas or Palm Desert with Hubby in the fall. How many cans of salmon can we possibly eat again?? And who needs gas for the car! We’ll just walk 3 hours to swimming lessons.