The Aunt/Uncle Gift 2008

I was mentioning all the time and energy that went into our homemade gifts for the aunts and uncles (see blog), but OF COURSE I couldn’t say what exactly it was just in case one of them ever reads all this blabbering! So, here it is for all those that search and google “homemade gifts” every year like I do.


This is our “working in progress” for a booklet with all sorts of “us” inside. Just what everyone needs for Christmas – more of US! Ya, well, that’s all they were gettin’.

First we had to cut all the paper and hole punch every piece.

The tricky part was cutting all this adhesive black foam sheet to add into the thicker pages so the booklet would lay fairly flat…

dsc_5318(Tt and I did a snowman craft out of felt. We’d been learning the “Frosty the Snowman” song, so were trying to make his parts match the song – does the pipe look corn-cobbish??)

Then score every page for folding open.


(Photo of us (ain’t we sweet?) and some of the kids school pics (I always take school pics of the boys too, and Grama adds the “schooly” background)…)


(More school pics, and this year a grad pic! My pics hadn’t come in, so this is one I took at the grad pic studio instead, with a few of her besties…)

And put it all together with these scrapbooking pegs. I had inserts too, in case it needed to be bigger, but just the peg and the backing were fine.



(A personal piece from each Kid – artwork from B, a video of choir + dance recitals from A, a scribble from Boo and a book Tt wrote and illustrated…)

Then to place each item in each page so they could take out what they wanted, leave in what they didn’t, do what they want with it! We used photo corners for most pages, but Tt’s booklet took a big more ingenuity.


(A calendar magnet! THIS took a LOT OF WORK to figure out, but once it was set up (thanks Grama), it was pretty easy to finish…
And a homemade ornament with a Cadbury Thin inside! Well, there WAS a Cadbury in there…)

Finish with a pretty sticker on the front and a ribbon to hold it all together. (There WAS a lovely red ribbon holding it all together…)


(Voila! Where would one be without a MICHAEL’s nearby???)

We added some baking and called it a gift. Merry Christmas!