Whew! After 1 week of total Christmas chaos, and 1 week of insane winter flu, we’re finally starting to get back to normal around here. An entire week on the couch has led me to realize, after 6+ years of running around, I like being home. I feel better when I’m home. I have more time to take care of myself when I’m home. And, so, my Resolution for 2009.


Here it is. Brace yourself.


That’s going to be my mantra for 2009.


Of course, I say that after I’ve signed Tt up for 2x/week swimming lessons and a soccer class, on top of his learn-to-love music and his weekly homeschool playgroup plus his homeschool field trips… Then the girls volleyball teams start next week. *sigh*. I’m stressed already.


Well, besides all that, perhaps. I’m also bringing the nanny back one afternoon a week so I can attempt to find work again, having been almost completely out of it the past 6 nanny-less months.


Then I suppose BESIDES all that, we’re back into our homeschooling. Our goal is to READ, READ and, well, READ. Kindergarten, let’s begin!


So… I guess that resolution is all but down the toilet already. Whew! Good thing – having a resolution is too much pressure anyhow.