And then there was FISH.

Many a pet has been, for better or for worse, in my care over the years.

I don’t recall having pets when I was growing up, but I’m told we had a dog and a cat at some point. Then again, I can barely recall 2 weeks ago, so we’ll make a real effort here. I have an incredible urge to bring home a new family pet this Christmas…

Since I’ve been “off on my own”, there was Frank, the cat. He was being given away as a kitten, so I scooped him up. He lived, amazingly, 16 or so years, considering how many fights he got into with other cats, racoons, what have you. I sure loved Frank the cat. When I was living on my own I could always tell by his ears if house or outside noises were “good” noises or “bad” noises. Hubby wants to get another cat – since Frank “left us” we’ve started finding mouse poops around the carport…


Then there was Leo, the rabbit. (No, not after great Renaissance leader DaVinci, but after Leondardo-the-hottie-Di-Caprio by my 6th grade SS class at the time). I found him on the street and when I called SPCA they said they’d just put him to sleep as they get so many domestic rabbits, so OF COURSE (and much to Frank’s dismay) I had to keep him! He was THE most adorable dwarf rabbit. He would jump up and down, lick my feet when I was sitting, run figure-8’s around me every time I came home, and beg at the refrigerator like a puppy. Besides the rabbit poop and smell, he was a perfect pet.


Right after Hubby and I got married, we bought ‘A’ a hamster for Cmas. Cute, cuddly. We think that Frank ate him. So, we quickly got a replacement before too many tears could be shed. But, while we were away on holidays and the tenants were caring for him, he “disappeared” (maybe Frank eventually died from hamster indigestion??) and so being caring tenants as they were, they quickly bought a new one and slipped him into the cage. The only problem was that it wasn’t a “him”… A week later we had 6 (well, originally 7, but let’s not get into what mommy hamsters do with runt baby hamsters…) squishy little baby hamsters. The whole lot of them went straight back to the pet store a week later.


When Tt was just barely on his way into the world, we bought a GORGEOUS black lab named Jack (again, MUCH to Frank’s dismay). He was puppy through and through. Even full grown, he still thought he was a little lap dog. He was (IS!) beautiful with long, thin legs and a skinny frame, so different from other labs and even from the brothers and sisters we met. BUT, when we had Boo, we realized we couldn’t take care of him (what? you need to walk AGAIN!? can’t you see I weigh a billion pounds and can barely walk!?) and gave him away to friends who are LOVING him very much. While we don’t miss the tufts of doggie fur or the doggie smell, we sure miss his perky ears and energy.



Just before we had Boo, for Tt’s second birthday, we bought some cheap ($1.50) feeder fish – the small goldfish you buy to feed to other fish – and a tank. He loved fish, and aquariums etc, so we thought he’d enjoy to watch them all float about. He didn’t much care at all, and ever since (this is THREE YEARS AGO) I’ve solely enjoyed said fish. We started with 3 feeders, and over the years have added snails, algea eater guys (we call them wobegones), other goldfish and only one – the strongest and the fittest of the original 3 – has survived. He has one snail to keep him company, otherwise he just follows across the tank every time we walk by. I’d buy him a new friend, but then I’d be going another 3 years and, well…


I’m sure we’ll end up with a new cat AND a new dog as the boys get older. Although we know one or two people with allergies, they are rarely here. But for now it’s just a $1.50 goldfish named Sushi who lives on. And on. And on.