Nothing like the First Snow!

Tt likes to be inside. For the most part we prefer to be inside LOOKING at the first snow from our warm couch. Perhaps with a hot cup of cocoa… Ahhh… Boo, on the other hand, loves the great outdoors. But, a good dose of white powder can ALMOST get even me outside, and Saturday evening we got just that. (And, no, I didn’t go out…) (I said ALMOST…).


It was quite a role reversal for the boys when Tt happily smacked on his boots and ski pants and went out to play after a good night of solid snowing.


Boo preferred to remain on the edges… That white stuff is scary, man! WHY is the ground fluffy and white?!



He stood here for quite some time.

But, Tt and Hubby looked like they were having sooo much fun…


He finally (and hesitantly) ventured out – good boy!