Ready for Christmas!

Bring it on!
Well, I’m not COMPLETELY ready, but we’re in good position here. Which is impressive since I pretty much do it all. If I left it up to Hubby to get us ready for Christmas, we’d see almost no one and would just be taking each other shopping on Boxing Day for gifts – as long as we didn’t spend more than $20 each. (He lives in a world where he still thinks you can get jeans for $10 – and not just any jeans, they have to be “just the right ones”).

Christmas Tree – check.


Big gifts for Kids – done.

Kids gifts for each other – done. (Ya, I mostly do those ones too).


Christmas Cards – being handed out.
Family photo inside – yep.
Mass family “what-we-did-with-our-year” letter – nah, other than our trip to Italy this summer, which everyone is sick of hearing about, we just weren’t that interesting this year.

merry-cmas-2008(Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Italian) (I hope)

Gifts for neices + nephews – got ’em.

Tell Kid #3 that Christmas is actually about Jesus being born so he could personally save us from sin and that Santa is not “real” (Tt to his little brother: “Don’t you know that Santa is just a story?”) – ya, I did that.

santa(He started to worry that “no Santa” meant “no presents”, so insisted we visit the nearest Santa at a mall right away – see that worried look on his face?)

So, why, then, if I’m so “ready”  is my list of things to do still 17 items long???
Every year we do “homemade” gifts for the Aunts + Uncles. Not that they don’t deserve bought things, but they simply don’t need anything we could possibly buy (unless we could afford cars, houses, or a fresh set of stocks and bonds). Every year these gifts not only take the most thought, but absolutely the most amount of Christmas energy and time. They’re also the only gifts that we really all do together – everyone has some part of it. From our family to you – Merry Christmas, Aunts + Uncles!