Homemade Christmas Ornaments

While decorating our tree this weekend, the girls and I were happy to see many ornaments we’ve made together over the years! We make some together just about every year, plus I still buy each of the Kids a new ornament every Christmas and put their name on it for one day when they have their own tree in their own home. Which may not be long for B… *sniff sniff*. Here are some of the “homemade” ones on our tree this year:

dsc_7916this one’s from a Michael’s kit… we often hit Michaels for ideas each year. these were pretty simple compared to the bead work we’re used to!

dsc_7919speaking of bead work! B made a bunch of these of her own design, made to look like icicles dripping off the tree. so pretty in the light (yes, my photo here is fuzzy…)

dsc_7921we painted these when the girls were younger – and they’ve survived year after year on our tree! another Michael’s crafting moment. what would we do without that place???

dsc_7923ok, so we didn’t make this one – it was given to us a few days ago, but it’s crafty and sparkly and really pretty, so I’m including it anyhow!

dsc_7925this was a difficult one – silky fabric cut into spherical quarters, then pinned with beads all around. the top has a fancy pearl hatpin holding the hanging ribbon together. no idea where I got this – the girls were younger when we made these ones and it was pretty tricky for them.

dsc_7926this was a pretty ceramic ornament A had made – we broke it this year… the photo is posted in memory…

dsc_7927this was an easy one – buy little wreathy things, wrap little ribbons around ’em. fini.

dsc_7928this was last years craft. we had this weird roll-out foamy stuff, then we used Christmas cookie cutters, punched holes and painted ’em. Tt painted this one – can you tell?? we put them on every gift because they were easy to make a lot of, but usually we make some for us and one for each relative’s gift.

a few years ago the girls and I also made a bead string to wrap around the tree. we used the big big beads and threaded them all. one by one. not only was it a lot of work, but we realized at the end it really should have been double-strung, so we ended up going back all the way through with an extra string. they are still in one piece! but for some reason didn’t make it onto our tree this year.


Martha Stewart Christmas Crafts
Michael’s Christmas Supplies

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