Black Friday – The DAY

SO, I decided to venture out this year for Black Friday… WHAT WAS I THINKING?? AM I CRAZY??

6:00 pm Thanksgiving Day:
Fed everyone, packed the car and left the house with tunes a’ roarin’! (level 34 – must have the car to myself for once. bring it on, Kanye). Almost messed our whole schedule up big – was suddenly realizing that because I can’t find my wallet right now, I had no photo ID to show w/ my Visa while shopping up a STORM. Then it hit me – SHIIIooooooT! I’d dang near forgotten my Passport. Grabbed it and went.

pic-0054(the pics are all taken from my camera – don’t expect great things!)

6:20 pm Thanksgiving Day:
Enjoying my tunes and tidying the car a bit at a stoplight, and found my wallet. And with it the aquarium pass Hubby needed for tomorrow. Turn around, go back home. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

6:30 pm Thanksgiving Day:
Really? Traffic was only half as bad going back home. Dropped off card to Hubby, turned around and headed back out to Grampa’s. Turned stereo to 45 for Pink (she can ROCK!).


7:00 pm Thanksgiving Day:
At Grampa’s… Ready for my 4-hr preparatory nap.

10:00 pm Thanksgiving Day:
… And sleep continues to elude me… Grama and Grampa have cable. I’ve been drawn into it’s big, dark black hole of brainlessness… can’t… turn… it… off…

11:45 pm Thanksgiving Day:
Nope. No sleep. Grampa is up from his nap, so we grab our detailed printed itineraries of stores to hit and off we go! WOOT WOOT!

12:45 am Shopping Day:
Easy breezy border lineup – 15 minutes max. We’re both wide eyed and bushy tailed, chatting the whole way along.

1:40 am Shopping Day:
Just dropped Grampa off at a Best Buy lineup with a chair and blankie (yippee for GPS) – it was already lined up around the corner. I’m sure he’ll have made 6 friends by the time I return. Passed at least 6 cops pulling over speeders¬† – ALL BC plates.


1:50 am Shopping Day:
The parking at the Outlets is TOTAL CHAOS!! OHMYGOSH! Apparently the stores actually opened at 10pm. Some stores have 2hr lineups (Coach) and others none at all. I’ve just lined up for Banana Republic – I’d thought there was 40% off everything – the signs say 50%, so I’m happy to line up. Cold, but not rainy.


2:25am Shopping Day:
AND I”M IN!! Woot Woot! I was just happy to leave the ppl in lineup behind… If I had to listen to one more story about the ‘F’n Hawaiian mafia’, I was gonna wack myself.

2:45am Shopping Day:
And even the lineup to pay is ok in this store – so far this is great! I’m happy to have some things off my list – Jeans for me + Hubby, a new skirt and a new top. Dang, the mafioso is behind me again…¬† Starbucks is right next door, so that’ll be my only other stop here before heading to Grampa’s lineup.


2:52am Shopping Day:
Dang. Could have saved another 15% for a total of 65% if I’d picked up my VIP booklet first. Off I go to pick it up, then return everything and start again since I have lots of time. At least I’d printed my Outlet vouchers!


3:30am Shopping Day:
Now in a big lineup to pee. Starbucks had a 45min lineup (then I assume 15 mins to get your coffee!), so n’mind. There’s one beside Best Buy where I left Grampa.

3:45am Shopping Day:
Found Grampa in BB lineup – yep, he’s made all kinds of friends. 1+ hours to go. Some people are leaving – the laptops on for $400 were out about 30 ppl in front of us. They keep coming down the line w/ TV’s and BB credit cards. At some point Jamba Juice guys dressed like bananas bring smoothies, but everyone’s already freezin’!


4:50am Shopping Day:
FRIG it’s cold out here!!!!!
10 more minutes.

5:20am Shopping Day:
Froze our butts off for next to nothin’. Other than the major doorbusters, which we weren’t there for, nothing much was on sale. Grampa found a few video games and a really short lineup (the ppl with vouchers for doorbusters had a HUGE long lineup – haha).

5:40am Shopping Day:
After a Starbucks drive thru for sustenance, went to a Wal-Mart. Went straight into the “pay” lineup while Grampa shopped, then switched, then STILL had an hour to go in the lineup. Nothing much even at that. Lots of $2 movies, but we already had them, otherwise, just the really crappy quality stuff was on sale. I passed on a digital frame I’d been looking for – too cheap. Many ppl had two buggys full of crap.


7:30am Shopping Day:
Arrived at Bellevue Mall to check out the Lego store. I’d thought the Mall was open at 6am, but apparently not until 8am. There’s already a lineup at Lego store – it’s the only lineup in the Mall. And there is only a guarantee of 10% off as they’re using some lame-o system of scratch cards at the till where you can get 10% or MAAAAYBE 20% or 50% off your purchase. Ai-ya.


8:30am Shopping Day:
Done w/ Bellevue Mall – got my two Lego purchases and the Lego Indiana video game for Wii. OF COURSE at only 10% off. All in all, it’s still cheaper than at home, even if I have to pay duty. The rest of the mall is fairly quiet, a nice change from the other stores we’ve been to. Apparently the anchor stores opened at 5am.


9:12am Shopping Day:
Grampa got a wee nap while I shopped Lego store, so now he’s refreshed and driving, and I’m kinda just hanging on at this point. Now I’ve lost him s’where in Fry’s… I found a cool video game the girls will LOVE for $20 – has Wii beach vball on it. I’ve been texting them updates all night and they’re super excited to play it when I get home.


10:30am Shopping Day:
We’re somewhere near… an airport. Looking for a Costco with gas. I think I’ll take a wee nap while Grampa shops – I’m all shopped out. Trying to keep under $400 for both of us so we don’t have to pay duty. $200 per person in the car seems to be their limit for saying “Ok, go through”. We’ll really test it – we’re at $392 by my calc’s.

12:30pm Shopping Day:
Ahhhh, feel a bit better! 2hr nap. We’re on the way home – with a flashing “tire” light… Ai-ya. It’s been POURING rain on the way through to Bellingham – we’re SO LUCKY it didn’t rain in our lineups last night.


So, for my troubles, I found 5 items at Banana, a Battleship game for $10US, about $160C (+ 2 taxes) worth of Lego for $120C (+ 1 tax), 2 really cool Wii games for $50US total… Not basement bargains by any stretch. But, the experience and time with Grampa? Priceless.


2:00pm Shopping Day:
10 minute border lineup, and no duty to pay! Whew! It’s been a good day.