Homeschool #006 – Imagine…

Imagine a world where your Kid learns as much as “normal” kids in just 4 days a week for 2-3 hours a day, and gets to spend more time with his/her family. And have THREE day weekends (plus all the afternoons) left to PLAY, be outdoors, explore their city, meet new friends, join a team, read books! And in that world there is 1 ‘teacher’ to every Kid or two. And that ‘teacher’ has known your Kid since he/she was born – they know already if your child is a more visual learner, or a more verbal learner – if they like to see graphs or hear words or read to do their best learning – and gears all their learning to a style in which each Kid learns best. Your Kids ‘teacher’ even meets with other ‘teachers’ once or twice a week to talk about new learning ideas and methods, while all the kids play and interact together. Sounds good to me!


Imagine this unbelievably wonderful and dedicated (and super hip) (and real pretty) (and… oh, I digress…) mom, I mean ‘teacher’, also gets just a little bit of time to herself… *Sigh*. Imagine. How do they all do it??! I suspect that not all homeschooling mom’s work, but what about those that do? Someone said recently that, as I’m starting homeschooling, I must “really love being around my kids”. I do. They’re super awesome, and fun, (somtimes stinky) (seriously, do boys just automatically get an extra “fart” gene???) and I love seeing lots of their little faces every day. I love seeing their faces light up every time they learn something new + exciting. But I also love me. And I love being by myself once in awhile. But when your kids are home soooo much (and they’re so small), finding one or two chunks of time throughout the week just doesn’t automatically happen. And I’m working less now w/ the 4th Kid, so I just couldn’t justify keeping a nanny any longer.


Well, now I’m imagining a future where one night a week, as soon as Hubby gets home, I just LEAVE and don’t come back until the boys are in bed. Ahhhh. And I’m imagining in that future that every Saturday am I just lock myself in a room for 4 hours and catch up on my work. And, imagine, that another Mom in my shoes were to “kidswap” with us twice a week (once for her, once for us) so we can each have a break.

Imagine balance and harmony for all.
One day!


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