Rain, rain, you can stay (but only while we play today)

Who knew two little boys could have so much fun in the rain? Well, I suppose they ARE little boys…


Feeding the pigeons (and those nasty seagulls) at Granville Island is one of the boys favorite things to do, it’s just that Momma prefers to do it when it’s nice and hot and sunny outside. And I have a jumbo latte in hand. And a dry chair.


But, today I had to pick up my FRENCH CASSOULET’S at Oyama Sausage (see Things I LOVE). I ordered it a few months ago as they come out only once a year, so I’m pretty excited to eat it up. We also bought a mini-baguette from Terra Breads (do the pigeons appreciate a fresh baked french baguette vs day old stale whatever?! I highly doubt it, greedy gooses), and tossed it to the birds.


Tt was doing all the feeding, while Boo just wanted to chase “Buh”s all over, and of course run through every puddle twice. Or more.


Ahhhh, a wet, rainy Vancouver day is not wasted on us this time!


Hard to imagine they both left in tears, isn’t it… Tt got bit on the finger by an especially greedy goose (actually a pigeon, I just like saying “goose”), so we had to go NOW, much to Boo’s anger and dismay. Ah, well, it was time – Boo was soaking wet and covered in bird crap anyhow. Nasty gooses.


Looks like both boys got over their tears. Naps cure all sorts of ills.