Homeschool #004 – Handwriting

As we continue this homeschooling journey, there are the things I definately DO want to teach, things I definately DON’T want to teach, and then there are the things I may (or may not) already be teaching without even realizing it – somehow, them kids just LEARN !!

Going into this year I asked Tt “What would you like to learn about this year?” and he suggested he would like to learn about Knights (which naturally I took to also mean the entire Medieval era…). So I said “Oh, great! And how about this year you learn how to write out your name?”. No response. (which naturally I took to mean “Sure, Mom – sounds like a great idea!”).


About 10 minutes later he brought me this piece of paper below and said “Like this, Momma?”.


So, what am I even here for, again?

Wanting to keep him practicing, I’ve since been giving him “activity” sheets with letters, a cardboard cutout of each letter of the alphabet to decorate and so on, much to his “Awww, Mom, do I have to?” disdain. Any time I ask him to spell his name, all he writes is “Tt”, and if I ask him to write anything else, he’s simply not interested.

Not INTERESTED, however I have learned, does not in any way mean not CAPABLE. What I was missing was motivation. When he wanted some extra money in his tin bank for a toy, this was his crafty solution.



(He tried switching his empty “SPEND” jar with his full “INVEST” jar).

I was so impressed with his wit, I bought him a toy.

One Response

  1. Check out Handwriting Without Tears. I’ve heard good things.

    I’m going to try Cursive First as I have kids who like to do things backward.

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