A day in the Life…

One of the advantages I’m hoping for with homeschooling is more quality family time.


Now to figure out what that means…


For now, it’s just extra time to hang out together. Specifically, it’s extra time with Daddy.


Since the boys don’t have to get up and rush out the door each morning, they can stay up a wee bit later in the evening to get some extra play time in w/ Daddy (and Momma, when I’m not working…).


In the morning Daddy gets the boys up and feeds them breakfast while Momma sleeps in after staying up to late working. Or blogging. Ok, I admit it.


We generally start our school “activities” at the table after breakfast, before there’s too much distraction by toys and videos and things to do. We try to get our activities, play groups, music, etc before Daddy gets home again.


Ahhhh. The relaxed life. I’m lovin’ it.



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