Homeschool #003 – Storytelling

Tt can’t read yet, doesn’t give a rats-ass (yes, that’s a real saying) (isn’t it?)  about the alphabet or the sounds letters make, but he does love to tell a story. So, for now, that’s what we do. The alphabet, reading, writing will all come in time (we do work on it, much to his reluctance), and when it does, boy the stories he’ll be able to tell with is own hand. We often start a story with some stickers or just a plain ole blank page, and go from there…

Here is one of his latest: (caution – many Star Wars references in this story) (and, well, most every story he tells…)

tayler story 1

Somehow I think even if I gave him stickers of cute little ladybugs and butterflies, he would turn it into a war. *sigh*. But, it still counts as “creative writing”, no??