10 things I LOVE – 08.11.15

1. Vij’s. My g’friend PT first brought me to Vij’s restaurant (Indian Fusion) about 10 (or more) years ago, and it’s still in my top 5 for sure. It gets a top pick because I’m SOOOO craving the lamb popsicles in curry cream right now. http://www.vijs.ca I even have the cookbook!

2. EGGNOG LATTES. Starbucks, I love you. November 13th. Eggnog. Here. I can’t wait.

my favorite "mug"

3. Freedman’s. I’ve decided to start collecting shoes. All my shoes are either from Shoe Warehouse or Freedmans, and most people can’t tell which are from where. http://www.freedmanshoes.com/. My best summer purchase below… Next up – a new pair of them knee-high black leather boots!

momma's shoe

4. My new necklace. Husband and the girls got this necklace for me for my birthday – I love it. Ok, so it’s not a perfectly clear pic – it’s silver twisted sticks in a circle. It’s a pendant, just a glass necklace, or a place to stick some beads. I originally put a different color bead in for each person in our family. Find the artist here: http://www.catherineweitzman.com/. Also sold at Blue Ruby or Hill’s in Kerrisdale.

glass locket

5. JAMESBABY !! I love James Bond. He’s just aaawweesooomeee. AND he’s here the DAY AFTER EGGNOG LATTES! Connery, Moore, Brosnan and now Craig (what “other” bonds?!). Amazing action, “romance” (I don’t really think you can call it that, but…), secret spy stuff – ahhhhh, what more could you ask for. November 14th! (And apparently Bond 23 is slated for 2010!!! I’ll have to add that to my “Movies” list!!).


6. Oyama Sausage down on Granville Island has YUM of all kinds. Duck confit for my salads, sausages for the BBQ’s in the summer or pastas in the winter, salamis for the boys, pates for parties and CHEeeesssee. I’ve just ordered 3 of their annual frozen cassoulets and cannot WAIT to try them out. http://www.oyamasausage.ca/oyama_sausage_company.html

7. ‘My’ Camera. quotes added because it’s not mine – it’s begged and borrowed, but I’ve sure enjoyed using it. My photos are soo much nicer with it! NIKON D50. Maybe one day Grampa will forget I have it…


8. Girls nights out. I don’t have photos to back these up, but they do happen on occassion, sometimes with my daughters, sometimes with a friend or two. LOVE ’em and plan to get out for them faaaar more often this coming year.

9. Making older houses new and fab-u-lous. Well, it’s my job, but I sure love taking an older house and making it into something fantastic and beautiful. Now if only I could get my own house done… *sigh*. (or even just my website…)

10. Paris. Husband and I went out for a date last night and I kept saying how excited I am to go for “my 40th” in a few years. I’ve got to start doing some research! I’ve been three times now, but there’s just still so much to explore. Where does one find “the” early morning baguette? Which restaurant has “the” most yummiest cassoulet? These are questions which must be answered.

eiffel tower