Empty Nester, phase 1.0

Husband and I are soon to start our journey to “Empty Nesters”. It’ll be a 4 phase process, since we have, well, 4 Kids, spanning over the next… 8 months to 16 years! (ya, ok – it’s a long ways off, but that doesn’t make “losing” Kid #1 any easier!)

B baby

Kid #1, B, is GRADUATING this year.
She’s driving a car. She’s wearing silk dresses and high heels to dinners and photo shoots. She’s making decisions about HER OWN FUTURE. She can cook entire meals for herself. What happened to that rough’n’tough 8 yr old who lived for sweats and runners? Where on earth did the last 9 years go??

B tween

In the next 8 months she could be GONE. Off. To school, somewhere, living on her own, taking care of herself. NOT NEEDING ME EVERY DAY! How will she cope??

And how will our home not feel just a little bit empty without her around…

Even though we wish and hope and pray she’ll end up staying in town, living at home and going to a University nearby, and being here forever, I suppose she should keep on growing up.

B 16 1/2

And I have to do this HOW many times?!

I can only hope that by the time the last Kid leaves our nest, we can start seeing some grandKids running about ;-).