Blog? What’s a blog?

This whole blogging thing is pretty new to me. Msn? Got it. Gmail chat? Yep. Facebook? I’m up on it, man. A website? Got that too (kinda) (ok, so I should be working on that right now…). But I don’t know the blog. I started it just to post some photos for those poor non-facebookers I know.

At first I didn’t know what to do with it. Do you just basically talk to yourself and wonder who might listen? Is it for people who have no friends to have REAL face-time chats with? Is it just something I can use to procrastinate from work or from changing that super-stinky diaper?

It’s been a week, and I’m totally completely hooked.
And I figured out why.
I get to have THOUGHTS. I get to use my brain, think, process. I get to wonder, revel, express. GOSH, I’ve been missing not having time to journal, to sit quietly with myself. I used to have an actual BRAIN, you know! Not that work doesn’t take brain – it certainly does – but this is a different part of my brain, and it’s been shoved to the back burner for a few years too many.

Now I can have THOUGHTS whenever I dang well feel about anything I want, even at 1am. PLUS I have somewhere to dump some of the millions of pictures I keep taking…
I like blog.