There’s BUSY and then there’s busy…

Since I married Husband and the girls 6+ years ago, life has been, shall we say, BUSY.
(Who am I kidding? My life has always had a hectic mach-speed-multi-tasking pace to it.)
Then I quit my job and started working for myself. BUSY.
Then we had Kid #3. BUSY.
Then the girls picked up more sports, club sports, school sports. Each! BUSY.
Then came Kid #4. BUS-Y.

The BUSY was a certain kind of busy – we were on the go 24-7. There was ALWAYS a game, a tournament, a practice, a dinner, a birthday, a scheduled event, a school function, a family obligation. I spent, literally, days at a time in the car. There was no rest and high stress trying to juggle everything and everyone (not to mention how much we were spending in gas! and fast food!). Sure, we managed to also fit in friends, but it was often wedged in there between 3 other things and had to be scheduled well in advance. And sure, I could get a few moments to myself, as long as they were in the car if the boys happened to fall asleep en route to yet another place we needed to be.

But this year is different so far…

Both girls let go of a few extra-curriculars. Tt is now homeschooling rather than rushing out to daycare and lessons four times a week (now we only have 2 things per week). Boo is content to sit more and loves dragging my lazy butt out into the backyard to just… relax. breathe. be.

Our schedule is still full, no doubt, but now it’s mostly just full of people. Adults, teenagers, small kids, family, our friends, our kids friends. Now our HOME is busy, not our car.
And it’s great.


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