My Crew

Introduction of my crew…

“Husband” 6 years and counting!
He’s a real handy guy – as long as we don’t let him play with actual tools.

Kid #1 – “B”
Who is soon-to-GRAD!!
What can I say?? She gets all her looks (and red hair!) from me.
(Well, we’ll give her orthodontist and her fake eyelashes SOME credit too…)
I think she gets her forgetfulness from me too… (Sorry, B)

Kid #2 – “A”
My “little” Teen Vogue-r!
She gets her red hair from me too – I meticulously put every one of those streaks in with the utmost of tender loving care!
She actually got a lot of her outgoing-ness from me – before me she just hid. From everyone.

Kid #3 – “Tt”
A real swell guy. When he’s not trying to shoot you down.
OOooh, I sure love that smile.

Kid #4 – “Boo”
An almost-terrible-two. His instructions came saying “Feed the Bear. Often. Or Else.”
Who could NOT love those eyelashes??? (They are not fake…)

Last but not least, the Momma Bear. (Also needs to be fed often. Or else.)
She hasn’t slept in about 6 years, so this is the best photo we could get…


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